I do have some rules: the heels stay on...

confident model, an image both men and women can appreciate, sometimes just sexy, others perhaps more erotic. I donít think Iím alone in thinking women in skin-tight shiny rubber and high heels are sexy, am I? Let me know if I am and Iíll do art nudes. Well, almost art nude Ė they would have to keep the heels on... I do have some rules.

Iíve been lucky enough to shoot some great models, people whose ability in their craft far exceeds my own, the likes of Kumimonster, SashaMia, Vanessa Upton and October Noire. Working with the calibre of these models makes getting your idea into an image so easy and you get more than you bargained for; I mean, two minds better than one, together you exceed the original expectation at the start of the shoot. In situational leadership courses with work in the past Iíve been profiled as a ďbenevolent autocratĒ; yeah, I guess I like things done my own way but I do enjoy the collaboration too.