Necrophilia Variations

following story, “Confessions of a skull mask”, as the collection moves away from more playful variations on necrophilia and closes in on the essential point.

In the concluding variation the author addresses his reader directly. I’m not sure it works, or works the way the author may have intended – at least it didn’t with me. Did the Necrophilia Variations disgust me? At a very few of the most extreme fantasies I must admit to the occasional twinge; but these are, after all, fantasies, and I found the overall literary quality to be high. So perhaps this last chapter is a genuine self-reflection, one that is also pointed genuinely at the reader, akin to a shaman pointing a bone and cursing his audience.

Do I feel cursed as a result of having read this little black book, as the author implies I should? I do not. And nor do I think the author is cursed, as he also implies. In fact, my own recent thoughts of mortality were strangely confirmed as a result of reading these two hundred pages. As Supervert conveys in his very last line, if we, the living, can fuck the dead, it is Death that ultimately screws us. From this there is no escape, and any attempt at denial is starkly, coldly, futile. SDk

Necrophilia Variations is published by Supervert 32C Inc. (New York, 2005): 200pp.


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Necrophilia Variations

The author’s trademark
dark humour turns to dark hilarity as he reverses the roles and takes us on a light-hearted romp through the nature of sex not with mortal remains, but with fully functioning and animated ethereal bodies.