iPad Compatible Magazine

Harnessing new technology when creating a webMagazine

As mentioned in our previous articles, HTML vs. Flash and SDK goes mobile, we wanted to make sure from the outset that SomethingDark webmagazine was created in such a way that it was accessible to as many visitors as possible through a variety of different mediums.

By not relying on flash, or on any other specially-created app, we've developed SomethingDark as a platform that allows our readers to instantly tap into the magazine's avant-garde content. And this is the case whether the visitor is using a smartphone, or one of the new-generation tablet PCs such as the iPad, or any one of a number of other mobile devices meaning that our cutting-edge (in more ways than one) culture and arts magazine is reaching into the future with ease.

If you’ve just arrived here after searching for an iPad compatible magazine, then you’ll want to know a little more about us; if so, feel free to read our What is SDk? page, or visit our homepage to view our magazine, in full, for free, on your home PC, tablet PC or mobile device.

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Enjoy the read.