A: Well, one of the worst statements I hear is “It’s all been done before”. That’s like giving up before you start. Can you imagine the Impressionists saying “Oh, hold on, there’s nothing more that can be done with paint – it’s already been done before.” It’s a load of rubbish. I think it’s a flaw of modern society that everything needs to be immediate, when, in reality, ideas and a personal style take years to develop. This industry is very faddy – a certain style is “of-the-minute”, and everyone copies it. If it continues like that, then it gets very boring.

SDk: What have been your greatest achievements and disappointments in your career thus far, and do you have a particular goal or ambition?

A: My greatest achievements have been working with certain models and being known and respected for what I create. Also working with the lovely folk from Club Noir and Anatomic Bomb!, who have always had faith in me.

I’ve got to say I’ve been very lucky and not had many disappointments.

My ambition is to be better known either in the United Kingdom or internationally, and to be booked up for the year. SDk

To me a photograph isn’t worth taking unless there’s some degree of beauty in it. I’ve actually never thought of the viewer – it’s always been about producing an image that makes me go “Wow, I did that”. I hope the viewer reads into the images what they want; I’m always surprised how others view them.

Photography - Artpunk