Jenny Boot
Reflecting courage and versatility in art’s mirror

JB: What I mean is that it doesn’t have to be literally – but in my case it was... In Dutch it is, for instance, you are a better leader when you also know how to follow. Just like you are a better dominant if you know what it means to be submissive. That’s what I mean by brave and willing enough to crawl. It means to start at the bottom before working your way up to the top, to become experienced in a practical way in every aspect of your work, to better yourself so your work is unique to you and stands out from that of others.

SDk: So in what ways have you literally crawled on all fours, and why? We’re fascinated!

JB: In my portrayals of SM play! I don’t have a problem with it – I went through the process of liberating those feelings. When you know that part of life, you are better able to stand up tall and strong and be yourself.

SDk: Are you active in the BDSM scene? If so, what's your orientation, what role do you play?

JB: Yes I am active, but not parties, clubs or other events – only private activities. I’m a switch but more on the submissive side; being a submissive is more “taboo”, but there is no shame

in this. But I’m developing maybe more on the other side of switching, as well. For me, BDSM is only sexual – besides sexuality I'm not submissive at all, rather the opposite. What I mean is the dynamics of power are always existing in every relationship – and more likely to be complementary than equal. The relations of unequal power are a reality between people and in society – those who deny it, deny reality.

SDk: Your attitude to your photography appears to be the modernist one of “art as a mirror”. Do you have any comment on this? Do you see the artist as possessing the potential to be a “therapist”?

JB: Yes. It’s not always that way in art, but for me, mostly, yes. Everyone projects their own meaning. My work is a “therapy” for me, and I can only hope that it is for other people as well – not my fashion pictures, but those like my Lust and Consolation series.

SDk: Returning to your article for SDk, you lament and perhaps even resent the pressure being applied to you to choose a particular genre in which to work. Do you take the view that what you produce is art, and that what the client wants is not necessarily as

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