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important as what you, the photographer, want?

JB: I think I am more like the artist here. I have a problem with authority; I want to be free and make my own work, but I also want to earn a living from my work. I understand the issues and commercial choices…

SDk: And you also quote what the accomplished photographer Corbino said to you about the need to choose your genre – do you agree with him?

JB: I don’t know, I think he knows a lot about photography and therefore I value his comment. But no, I don’t want to choose – although I do see the necessity for it. I just don’t like being put in a box and if I make those commercial choices, I will more easily be able to be put in a box.

SDk: What are your plans for the future?

JB: To earn a living from my photography, which means working in advertising and fashion. Then when I am more established and earning enough, I can also concentrate more on my “own” work. In April [2010] I started my own photography business, Jenny Boot Photography, but I have to put this to one side now while I complete my formal studies at the Fotoacademie.

I have to work out exactly which way to go and how to proceed, and earn money from my work. A fusion of fashion and eroticism is my preferred area;

the field for BDSM photography is limited – there’s not much in Holland.

SDk: Is there any advice you may have for a young, aspiring photographer?

JB: Start young when you have the ambition and don’t let anything hold you back. Run with your passion. You are best at what you do and happiest when pursuing your passion. SDk

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