Photography - Jenny Boot

is my number one passion and is what I want to pursue. So now I’m back at the Fotoacademie, this time in Amsterdam.

Once back at school they told me I needed to choose: “What do you really want to do with your photography? With such a diverse portfolio, the client has no idea what to expect from you. You have to choose”.

Can you hear my sigh? I finally know what I want to do and now they are telling me I need to choose again within my choice. But what to do if you like many different subjects? And what to do if you are reasonably proficient at them all. Apparently that does not count.

The client – and, actually, everyone – wants to label you so they know who you are, what you can do, what they can use you for and what they can expect from you. Labels make life so much easier. You know exactly who you are and where you belong or where you are supposed to be. You can let so many things – and maybe opportunities – pass you by because they have a different “label” and so you do not feel you have to interest yourself in these subjects. So you stay in your own, clearly defined world: in “your box”. It makes life so much easier…

But my “label” includes a great deal – too much, it seems, and so my interests appear unfocused to many. And what kind of photographer does that make me? I like BDSM, fetish and burlesque, but I do not like the gothic. But then again I do like