Every drop of semen lost is equal to sixty drops of blood. (All boys should be taught this.) Small wonder that so many boys suffer as they do from anæmia. It is also a big factor in causes of insanity, and in nervous breakdown.

J. H. Oliver,
Common Ailments: And How to Treat Them, 20th edn, London: The C. W. Daniel Company, 1931, pp. 18–19.

InReview - Inside Job by Charles FergusonInReview - Perversity Think Tank by SupervertInReview - Necrophilia Variations by SupervertInReview - Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish by SupervertInReview - Freak Parade by Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Film review: Inside Job, by Charles Ferguson

If Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Moody’s, and Standard and Poor’s – or, for that matter, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds – don’t mean a great deal to you, then they should, and this documentary explains why: the Global Financial Crisis was not an accident, but the inevitable result of a corrupt and parasitic financial system. In riveting style, Inside Job also demonstrates how nothing has changed and “GFC Part 2” is already in the making. The most important film this century will soon be available locally almost everywhere on DVD.

Book reviews: Perversity Think Tank; Necrophilia Variations; Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, by Supervert

Supervert is an enigma; he’s based in Manhattan, and he’s produced three books with, in our view, rather compelling titles and even more compelling subject matter. We think those who are unfamiliar with him have probably been missing something worthwhile, so we decided to adopt an unusual approach in the review genre and review the writer’s complete print-published oeuvre in one issue of SomethingDark.

Daryl Champion reviews his latest book, Perversity Think Tank (2010), and his first book, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish (2001), while Eugène Satyrisci does the honours with Necrophilia Variations (2005). We recommend you brace yourself.

Book review: Freak Parade, by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

The latest offering, and her first self-published novel, by SDk02’s literature writer. Lewis is a prolific author, and she keeps up her momentum with this award-winning story of love and grime in New York City. Eugène Satyrisci, no stranger to love and grime himself, graciously accepted the task of this review.