Valentino (the fashion designer and his brand, that is). I love fashion but also love fine art. All of these seem not to be the best matches. And when I want to let a fetish model pose in a corset with a burlesque dress underneath… on high heels with a sub on a chain and in a neck corset in a baroque room, is it because I simply cannot “choose” – or do I simply have a strange sense of aesthetics? We will just have to see: that photograph which combines elements of fashion, history and BDSM has not been made yet – I still cannot choose at which location I want to do the shoot.

No life is entirely about choices, and you never know if you’re making the right choice. But as the Dutch director and photographer Corbino told me once, after seeing my portfolio at a reception hosted by one of my agencies: “You already know how to take photographs – all you have to do
is learn to choose”. SDk

Photography - Jenny Boot