Young Dutch photographer Jenny Boot has obliged us with a frank article on her journey as a photographer. Her Boudoir Mémoires series, shot earlier this year, is a sublime work of art that exquisitely constructs a sense of eroticism and transgression, fashion, luxury and refined decadence. The mood of these images is one of timelessness; they capture something of the human spirit that is as real as it is intangible – except, perhaps, through the senses.

Alan Daniels, who produced artwork for the classic future-noir film, Blade Runner, has graciously contributed images of his stunning paintings that we curated for this issue, and his daughter wrote an article for us that addresses deeply rooted societal misconceptions that can blight the life and work of even the most talented and visionary artists.

Belgian photographer Viona Ielegems adds a rare opulence to SDk02’s corset feature, which presents a brief history and a diverse range of perspectives and artistic interpretations of this iconic piece of women’s fashion.

Marilyn Jaye Lewis is our featured literature writer, and she has written two pieces especially for us. We recommend you have a look at her profile in our Contributor Directory; we’ve been impressed and think you might be impressed, too.

Also for this issue, our regular cartoonist, Geof Banyard, has a companion in the SomethingDrawn section with a piece of work by reclusive Scottish artist Alex Ronald; Alex’s comic complements one of our reviews rather well – we’ll let you work out for yourself which review that is.

Now for a few words on the ongoing development of SomethingDark. “Development” is indeed the word, and we hope you can see what’s gone into it since we released SDk01 on an unsuspecting world. It hasn’t been easy, and we are the first to admit it’s been longer than expected between celebratory issue-launch drinks. We have plans to add some very capable hands to the editorial side of production, and SDk03 is already well advanced. To summarise, we’ve just begun our creative journey, and we have a long way to go. We hope you will be joining us.

Finally, literally on another but intimately related front, we are major sponsors of a new erotic art exhibition in London, Art Erotica, which will adorn the Gallery in Cork Street in January. Even in the darkest of cultural times, there must be a ray of light. SDk

Photography - Jenny Boot - Boudoir Series