A number of times, Terri and I had gone out to the desert, Borrego Springs (about ninety miles northeast of San Diego). It was a quiet place to have our affair without running into anyone we knew. We often stayed in a rustic cabin, $89 a day.

One evening, we both felt something strange in the air and kept seeing owls around the desert (many abductees, I later learned, had owls placed in their minds as “screen memories”, blocking out what really happened). While she slept, I decided to go for a drive. It was one o’clock in the morning. I have no idea why I wanted to drive around the desert at that hour; something seemed to be compelling me.

The night sky was full of stars as the desert skies often are. I noticed a large patch of darkness above me, blocking the stars. The car stopped – it went dead; the engine turned off, the headlights and dashboard went out. I jumped out of the car and looked up. The patch of black was triangular in shape and moved slowly, not making a sound; no lights – like others have reported. I watched it drift off toward the direction of the cabins. I thought I was stuck out there, five miles away from Terri. Two minutes later, the car started and I drove back fast. The triangle was gone from the sky.

When I arrived at the cabin, however, I was not allowed to go in. Five tall beings stood outside and forbade me to enter. They were about six or seven

feet tall, had big heads and dark round eyes, and wore what looked like white robes; they were ethereal, almost transparent, as if they were ghosts, or not quite situated in the third dimension.

I wanted to know what the hell was going on: why wouldn’t they let me inside the cabin, what were they doing to Terri? In fact, I demanded to know. I was shown an image in my mind of Terri playing with, holding, and nurturing two alien-human hybrid children. One was perhaps three, the other five, with wispy hair, frail bodies, and big otherworldly eyes. I knew these were her children. I was told – not in words, but impressions – that it was necessary for a hybrid’s development to spend time with the human woman whose DNA they shared.

I still wanted to go inside. I wanted to meet these kids and play with them. I was told no; that would not be possible.

I asked these five entities who they were. Their reply was: “You would not understand.”

“Where do you come from? What planet?”

“You would not understand.”

“What is your agenda?”

“You would not understand.”

“What are you called?”

“You would not understand.”

This pissed me off; I felt insulted. “How do you know I wouldn’t understand?” I yelled. “Try me.” I said, “Just tell me, I might surprise you and understand.”

I don’t remember anything after that. I woke up in the morning, with Terri asleep next to me, and had no complete memory of that night until the regression. The dreams prior to it were of the triangle in the sky and the ghostly beings at the cabin. When I told Terri about what I remembered – after our affair was over – she simply nodded like she knew.

Dreams or…?

Not long after that particular trip to the desert, I had two dreams that woke me, which I knew were more than dreams, and they had to do with aliens.

In one, I was an army soldier riding in a jeep. There were several jeeps and a truck driving out to somewhere in a desert and we came across a crashed UFO. I felt like I was in the past, the 1940s or 50s, based on the vehicles’ vintage appearances and the flat green uniform I was wearing. The UFO was split in half, lodged in the ground, and there were two dead alien bodies by it – the small gray types: three feet tall, large head and eyes. I noticed the ghost, the spirit, the soul of one of the grays standing by its body. I was frightened. The alien spirit glared at me and I thought, “Please don’t let it take

over my body”. Even in the dream I considered that an odd thought. The alien soul rushed toward me and jumped into my body, hitching a ride in my third-dimension flesh.

I awoke with a scream and my body was vibrating at an exponential rate; my body was buzzing so hard it was painful. My head felt like it was on fire. This sensation lasted about five minutes.

The night sky was full of stars… I noticed a large patch of darkness above me, blocking the stars. The car stopped – it went dead.

The other dream happened out in the desert, Borrego Springs again, the last time Terri and I went out there. We were in a motel room this time. In the dream, the room was awash in white light and the image of a typical alien stood in front of my face and began to move backwards, getting smaller, like a camera lens zooming out. I had a feeling it was saying goodbye to me, that this would be the last time I would see it. I felt sad and asked it not to go. I woke up feeling quite despondent, as if I were missing a dear old friend.

They have never returned in my life… that I know of.

The spaceship dream

Since I was a kid, at least twice a year, I