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The new SomethingDark is on its waySDk Updates ->

Tues 05 Mar, 2018.

SomethingDark will be with everyone again soon with a totally new, responsive design. There’s a great deal to consider when developing an extensive new site – and it will be extensive, as all previous issues of SDk will be incorporated – so we’re putting an enormous amount of thought and care into it.

Here’s why we’re redesigning SomethingDark webmagazine from the ground up:

Web technology has developed enormously since we first released SDk in 2010, and indeed some might say the Web itself has changed. This isn’t quite true, as the Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee is still essentially the same platform, but the way the Web is used has changed, driven by mobile technology and the big tech corporations. While it’s possible to do more on the Web than ever before, the “rules” imposed by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – and the parameters of...Read more

Windows on a world of economic decay: Lisa Furness exhibiting in BerlinLatest News ->

Wed 21 Dec, 2016.

Windows on a world of economic decay: Lisa Furness exhibiting in Berlin

Lisa Furness specialises in depicting scenes of the urban environment, and that is why she is the featured photographer in SomethingDark issue 3 “the built environment and urban decay”. So it was no surprise that when we organised our SomethingDark-in-Berlin exhibition Furness provided an important contribution in the form of six fine-art prints of her work in Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Bristol (England).

However, unlike the other invited exhibitors – with the exception of SDk03 featured artist, Australian painter Ros Paton – we also invited Furness to provide written artist statements for her images. We requested this because of what we regard as the importance of her work in documenting the tangible evidence of systemic political–economic failure in much of the western world.

With our exhibition having less than one more month to run, we are pleased to provide here for SDk Latest News the text that Furness provided for the gallery walls in Berlin to accompany her pictures...Read more

SomethingDark, the first three editorials: now available as free PDFsSDk Updates ->

Mon. 12 Dec, 2016.

Last month we began promoting our Downloads page where articles by our contributing writers, artists and photographers are available to purchase as PDFs. Now we have also made available – for free download – the editorials from the first three issues of SomethingDark webmagazine.

The editorials provide an insight into what we’re all about: our raison d’être via a brief commentary on the issues of our time as well as an overview of a particular issue’s contributors, their work, and their contributions to SomethingDark. So the editorials are a good introduction to SomethingDark. They’re also a good introduction to the functionality of our Downloads page: just click on the “purchase” box, fill in your name and preferred email address and the editorial PDF will be emailed directly to you without charge (you’ll also need to specify whether you would like your PDF as an A4 document or in US Letter, as all our PDFs are provided in both formats).

Our offerings in PDF are growing all the time, and yes, you read correctly above: most of the artists and photographers ...Read more

SomethingDark articles now offered as downloadable PDFsSDk Updates ->

Thurs 17 Nov, 2016.

SomethingDark stands apart from the mainstream media–entertainment juggernaut that seems to exert a vice-like grip on readerships, viewers and listeners everywhere: SDk is not a content-churning machine. Instead, we concentrate on quality, quality of research, of writing, of presentation. In other words, cutting-edge thought, criticism and expression that is in some cases thought-provoking, in others entertaining, in still others challenging (even shocking), but, we trust, always readable.

We’re confident our writing stands the test of time with its relevance and quality; therefore, knowing it’s often more convenient to read offline or outside of a webpage or on another device, or indeed on the printed page, readers can now purchase and download in PDF format a selection of articles from SomethingDark webmagazine. Whether for personal interest or for serious research, owning your own copy can often make sense and is worth the small outlay.

Before being offered as an SDk PDF, all articles are reviewed and all links are verified...Read more

SomethingDark in Berlin exhibition extended to 14 JanuarySDk Updates ->

Thurs 20 Oct, 2016.

SomethingDark <i>in Berlin</i> exhibition extended to 14 January

SomethingDark in Berlin, an exhibition of fine art and photography as featured in SomethingDark webmagazine, has been extended to 14 January 2017. The exhibition opened on 2 September at Ivooo Photostudio/Artspace in the north-west Berlin district of Wedding, and was extended in agreement with Ivooo’s proprietor, the Berlin-based Dutch photographer, Ivo Hofsté.

The exhibition’s theme is based on the latest edition of SomethingDark webmagazine (SDk03), “The built environment and urban decay”. Artwork and photography from SDk03 shares wall space with additional complementary work by SDk03 contributors, and with work by...Read more

SomethingDark in Berlin: up and runningSDk Updates ->

Thurs 08 Sep, 2016.

SomethingDark <i>in Berlin</i>: up and running

After months of careful planning and curating, the SomethingDark in Berlin exhibition is on the walls of gallery space in the north-west Berlin district of Wedding. The exhibition marks the release of the third edition of SomethingDark webmagazine (SDk03); thus, the exhibition’s theme is based on the SDk03 theme of “the built environment and urban decay”, and much artwork and photography that featured in SDk03 is on the wall in the flesh, so to speak.

The opening event on Friday 2 September was also a special occasion to celebrate the relaunch of SomethingDark. This event began with a live online tour of SDk webmagazine during which our emphasis on uniqueness, quality and the total work of art were highlighted. English artist and writer Howard Litchfield, who together with his photographer–partner Pete Beck was responsible for creating SDk03’s iconic front-cover image, then gave a detailed account of his three-year Minotaur project. Howard’s presentation was in equal measure highly personal, an account of the bull-headed man in classical mythology, and an exposition of the minotaur in art history...Read more

Contributor focus: Lisa FurnessLatest News ->

Mon 29 Aug, 2016.

Contributor focus: Lisa Furness

Travel photographer and SDk03 contributor David Hicks was the subject of our first contributor focus article; the second in this series looks at the recent work of Lisa Furness. We’ve always liked Furness’ work for its portrayal of the built environment and its suggestiveness regarding the human responsibility involved in “urban decay” – that’s why she’s previously had an item in our Latest News section, and why she was our featured photographer for SDk03.

Furness travels a great deal to take her pictures, but the resulting images cannot be categorised as travel photography: her camera captures the devastating consequences of a corrupt and out-of-control financial system and the economic and human disasters that flow from this system. These issues are not simply economic – they are ultimately political, and thus does Furness provide us with a tacit commentary on the political decision-making processes that allow these economic and human disasters to occur, and then to reoccur, and to reoccur yet again.

In October 2012 Furness embarked on an extended period of travel...Read more

Contributor focus: David HicksLatest News ->

Thurs 18 Aug, 2016.

Contributor focus: David Hicks

As we pointed out in the Editorial for SDk03, travel photography isn’t a genre that normally suggests associations with SomethingDark.

If “travel photography” conjures visions of self-indulgent holiday happy snaps, or perhaps of a commercial, biscuit-tin-lid style of scenery, then the work of David Hicks will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air. It certainly did for us, and we were delighted when the English photographer agreed to provide us with the images we wanted from his Scooters of Taipei series, and also to write a short article about the city of Taipei and its population’s use of scooters as a practical means of urban transport (SDk03, pp. 166–7).

Hicks has visited well over seventy countries, and, more than merely photographing what he encounters on his travels, he seeks out and uncannily captures the essence of a place and its people. He concentrates on everyday life, which more often than not is everyday life on the streets of the world’s cities...Read more

Announcing SomethingDark in Berlin: the SDk03 launch event and exhibitionSDk Updates ->

Thurs 21 Jul, 2016.

SomethingDark no. 3 was released in the first week of April; it is 246 pages (in print format it would be much longer), and took more than four years to produce. To celebrate SDk03, and in light of the time taken to put it into the world, we are holding a very special (re)launch event and exhibition in Berlin at the beginning of September. The venue is Ivooo Studio/Werkstatt/Laden, a multipurpose gallery space in the Wedding district of north-west Berlin.

Arrangements are well advanced, and the combined main event and exhibition opening will be Friday 2 September. The exhibition will continue until Sunday 11 September, taking in the 2TageWedding culture festival on Saturday and Sunday 10–11 September.

The program for the main relaunch event will include the exhibition opening at 7pm, followed at 8pm by a live, online tour of SomethingDark webmagazine with...Read more

Šejla Kamerić: continuing a metamodernist sensibility in Berlin?Latest News ->

Mon 03 June, 2013.

Šejla Kamerić: continuing a metamodernist sensibility in Berlin?

by Daryl Champion

The visitor steps into darkness and immediately falls into an eerie soundscape. Haunting images of a cold city viewed as if from a high hilltop at the city’s edge shimmer on a large screen; on an opposite wall, on another large screen, is the unmoving image of a young man lying awake in bed, mobile phone on the pillow next to his head. Then a young woman and mobile phone appear in identical repose. Two small screens mounted on the gallery floor to one side of both big screens play echos of the same film.

The city is Sarajevo; the young man rises before dawn every morning to deliver newspapers from apartment door to apartment door, travelling by bicycle and foot through the city’s dark, frosty, pre-dawn atmosphere, through snow-covered streets and up the stairs of tall apartment buildings. What, then, of the young woman? She is the young man’s double; she mimics his daily routine, possibly his life. Both characters and their actions are taken from real life and are known to the artist who created this work, Šejla Kamerić: the young woman is an aspiring actress and she emulates the young man’s activities. The view of the city from on high is a sniper’s view of Sarajevo, and the imagery and soundtrack are all the more disturbing when the visitor bears in mind the city’s recent history....Read more