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Tues 03 Mar, 2009.

Living in a modern (and now bankrupt) state, you may be surprised (or not) at all the official hoops through which small concerns like us have to jump. "Art for art's sake" doesn't enter the bureaucratic mindset when being forced to deal with the multitude of formalities required by UK law in setting up a new venture, even if it is a web-based cultural magazine.

For example, one of the hurdles we've had to clear is establishing a legal entity to manage SomethingDark. This means that we are responsible for all the depravity and corruption you will see in SDk; on the other hand, it also means we're responsible for all the thought-provoking and transgressive articles and images in SDk, which no doubt are of much greater concern to said bankrupt state...

There's still not a great deal we can put in the public domain right now (see our last entry), as the publication deadline for issue 01 draws nearer.