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Tues 31 Mar, 2009.

Alas, life is never easy when forced to live cheek by jowl with bureaucracy. Yes, you may have guessed it, we are once again at loggerheads with the bankrupt state, and this time we've had to explain certain distinguishing signs and marks associated with SomethingDark and justify why we think we should be able to use them.

We think we've done a good job, and all should be fine (we hope) but we have to bide our time while the cumbersome wheels of inefficiency grind over and, eventually, reach a verdict. Oh, and then communicate that verdict to us.

Unfortunately, this means a delay of a few weeks in publishing SDk issue 01. Exactly how many weeks remains to be seen. Fortunately, our self-imposed deadline of early April was exactly that: self-imposed. We will post our revised publication date in this column when we have the information that will allow us to assess our schedule.

On the other hand, we will make the most of this delay to refine already-planned rock-solid foundations for SDk. This refinement should be immediately apparent in the functionality of both the magazine and the broader SDk website, and it will make life easier for everyone as we lose no time getting on with issue 02.

While Chris is slaving at the virtual coalface of the SDk website, and while we are both grappling with Victorian legalities, Daryl is continuing to liaise with the very fine selection of contributors that will grace the pages of SDk issue 01.