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Developing a website such as SDk and the magazine it hosts takes time. That's why we think contributors and others interested in what we are doing deserve to be kept informed on our progress. This page has been designed to do exactly that: to keep you up-to-date as to where we are. We're pleased to have you with us.

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Mon 20 Apr, 2009.

While the bureaucratic issues we are currently facing are delaying proceedings, the situation is resulting in certain benefits by giving Daryl time to conduct more in-depth contributor interviews after his substantial work for the new Skin Two Fetish Yearbook over the last year. This also means that Chris has more time to add some extra features to the website while it's being developed.

We've also made the decision to join the boycott of Internet Explorer 6: while we were working on making SDk compatible with IE6 a non-standards-compliant browser we reversed our policy and determined to give IE6 the bum's rush. In joining the growing international boycott of IE6 we are helping fight the cause for web developers and the security of end-users alike. For more information, see