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Re-working the nuts and bolts of website technicalitiesSDk Updates ->

Mon 07 Sept, 2009.

The last two weeks have seen some furious work on the nuts and bolts of website technicalities, together with some important policy decisions that will affect the overall value-added effect of the broader SDk website. It's difficult for us to say too much about the latter before SDk webmagazine is actually launched, as some of the concepts involved are closely guarded innovations that will set SDk apart from standard online "magazines".

Regarding website technicalities, Chris has made a major change in the method of page creation that will improve the ease and efficiency of this aspect of producing the magazine from this point on; it will also have benefits in improved stylistic attributes for the webmagazine, specifically in the way text is rendered.

At a more fundamental level of website development, we determined to optimise SDk only for up-to-date and standards-compliant browsers: it's about time some of the wild beasts roaming the internet jungle were tamed a little, and we think it's up to innovative developers such asourselves to take a stand and say "We can't afford to compromise the fruit of our labour chasing compatibility with certain non-compliant browsers, or, in some cases, even specific, substandard versions of certain browsers, even if they are the latest, hyped-up version". And no, it's not just IE6 we're referring to (see our Latest News entry for 20 April, below).

At ground level, many style decisions were made and implemented with the magazine, some affecting aesthetics, others functionality. The result is that SDk will be at a high state of refinement when it's launched.