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Mon 15 Dec, 2008.

Daryl was in Australia during this period, for 6.5 weeks; while he was there, he was fortunate enough to gain the support of a number of recognised artists, who expressed interest in contributing to SDk. This represented a step towards the goal of making SDk an international magazine. Artists, photographers and writers from the UK, US, France and Australia should be featured over the course of SDk's first four issues. We expect international contributions to gather momentum from that point.

In the meantime, Chris has been working on the design aesthetics of the magazine, ensuring it will not only look visually appealing and function efficiently, but be highly accessible and offer features that will take it beyond just another webmagazine. For a little enjoyment, Chris also scouted for contributors, discovering some emerging talent we feel will help validate SDk's raison d'Ítre.