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We've said it before, but now we're confirming a very tough lineSDk Updates ->

Tues 15 Sept, 2009.

As the last few weeks have ground past, the agony and the ecstasy of creating an innovative webmagazine have certainly not relented. Actually, we have to say it's mostly been agony, and this has been due to the corporate entities that control the web. We'll say it like it is (with a dash of embellishment, of course): rather than collaborating for the benefit of the end user (that's us, and you), they (the bad guys – said corporate entities) all sit in their tree houses scheming and (this is important) separately believing they are the only giant gorilla in the jungle and that all other unruly beasts should conform to their hairy-chested demands.

These gorillas, of course, are the self-styled barons of the web – the manufacturers of web browsers.

Creating a fully functional website and pressing current web technologies to their limit is a task made very difficult by the many competing web browsers available, each wanting the controlling market share of the industry and each allegedly doing their best to conform to the supposedly established standards of website coding practices – but, "somehow", managing to get it slightly wrong, not admitting to the fact, and not complying either with the standards or with each other.

The result: much time wasted making each element of SDk compliant not to website standards, but to the very individual ways each web browser interoperates with these standards. This has resulted in SomethingDark confirming we're taking a very tough line: we will develop the new website for those browsers that are most standards-compliant and future-proof. Those that fall behind will quite simply be left behind by us.

The above said, not everyone's perfect – not us, and not the gorillas (that's a concession on our part…) – so for the time being, the journey continues and the battle of the browsers is still being fought with much research, much code and many browser tests being performed. With this extra time and effort, though, we're confident in saying that we'll create a better experience for those who join us, for a long time to come.