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Sub-editing for the web, and the pressures of refinementSDk Updates ->

Thurs 12 Nov, 2009.

The process of sub-editing text for the web is a vastly more complicated and compromised process than it is for print publication, and Daryl is learning the hard way that it's taking around four times longer to produce results that are not as precise as print. And then he gets home to view the fruit of hours of labour only to see in front of his eyes once again that the Mac platform, in rendering fonts in its own way, makes SDk appear haphazardly constructed. 'Tis the stuff of tears.

Yet all is ultimately good, and we are expecting much of our innovation to be copied shortly after SomethingDark has gone live. That's another reason why we have to "get it right" as much as we can for SDk 01 because every detail, every refinement we put off until SDk 02 in favour of launching as soon as we can, will increase the chances of big companies with whole teams of developers at their disposal producing copy sites that take our web design and ideas and go one step further by instituting anything we have left undone. It all adds to the pressure, and we are both feeling that rather intensely at present.

We press on.