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Securing the right mix for SDk02, and looking to the futureSDk Updates ->

Wed 10 Nov, 2010.

We have an extensive lineup of international contributors for SDk02 after a long and frustrating period of securing not just the kind of artists and writers suited to SDk, but the right mix of people and work for issue 02. Securing the right contributors hasn’t been the end of it, but we’re beginning to really move now with contributions. No-one said SDk would be easy…

However, every time we look at the way issue 02 is shaping up, we are more convinced than ever that the SDk way of doing things is right, and in fact is somewhat unique – and we have gone into detail on this with our entry into certain UK national awards. We’re playing with the big boys here, but we think we’re in with a chance.

On this, it’s a pity we haven’t got the wherewithal to produce SDk more frequently, because if we did, issue 02 would have been out by now, and issue 03 would probably also be out by the time judging for said awards was finalised – and SDk03, paradoxically (compared with the adventures of SDk02), is all but a done deal, and what a “deal” it will be when it’s published in the first half of next year.

Now, because we really would like to produce SDk more frequently, we’re looking again at how we can generate more (some, actually) income, but only in ways that are commensurate with SDk’s sense of self. Which means we put our values and aesthetics above the usual commercial approach of “make profit, and the more the better, or die”, which, ironically, often has the effect of killing the project’s integrity – and if the spirit is dead, why bother with a corpse?

Yes, friends, we are surrounded by corpses, the living dead of throwaway society. So we dare, and strive, to be different. As mentioned above, no-one said SDk would be easy. Thus, to help get our thinking off the ground in these respects, and in light of the lack of a marketing budget, anyone willing to place our banner on their website or help promote us will be highly regarded (goes without saying, surely) – and acknowledged. Do this, and tell us, and we will implement an “Acknowledgements” page or “Friends of SDk” page, or the like, and you could find yourself on it. Perhaps you will even have the honour of being the first.

We have other, entirely complementary, strategies up our sleeves (between Chris and Daryl, we have four sleeves), but up our sleeves they shall remain for the time being while we work on them. Suffice to say, next year will be a very significant year for SDk.