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Past development paying off, more plannedSDk Updates ->

Tues 14 Dec, 2010.

Even on our little server, with SomethingDark crammed in with a few other websites, we’ve strived to make SDk as fast and as efficient as we possibly can, and, as you’ll see from the latest graph supplied by Google (click to view), with our most recent push we’ve finally managed to make the top 1% of websites with regards to loading times and performance.

Sure, there have been a few days of interruption or “oops, that didn’t work” along the way, but we’re finally there and aim to keep it that way. Then, if we manage to get the finance to upgrade to a new server (it’s on our “to do” list), we should be laughing – and so should the increasing number of visitors to SDk, who will see our pages load on their screen at a gratifyingly super-speedy rate.

With our past development paying off, and with current development of SDk02 reaching fever pitch, we’ve had some great feedback about SDk:Mob, launched a couple of weeks ago. And regarding SDk:Mob, we know it’s only the beginning of our foray into the mobile device arena and we’re already planning ways to make it even better, adding compatibility for more devices and also adding some more of the features from the larger SDk website. These additions will be introduced after SDk02, so keep watching. A busy year for us will be 2011.

And, as usual, we’ve got even more up our sleeves (we still have four sleeves between us).