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Breaking radio silence: SDk02 is launched!SDk Updates ->

Wed 19 Oct, 2011.

Itís been a long time since our last update and as the brand-new editorial of a certain online publication states, itís been a long time between celebratory, issue-launch drinks. But all that has changed: SomethingDark 02 is out, and, with this milestone, weíre not looking back.

SDk02 represents a very significant step forward in technical development and the presentation of the magazine. And, of course, we think the photography, art and writing follows with the standard set by SDk01 and, really, would be hard pressed to be bettered.

It has, in fact, been a challenge to produce an encore to SDk01 with a team of two; some indication of this lies in the fact that email communications between Chris and Daryl became a document of 600 A4 pages (exactly) which is a word processing file of 3.3 Mb. But weíve done it, and now we have secured some very experienced and capable editorial assistance from none other than SDk02ís literature writer, Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

Marilyn is in Bristol with us as we write, and has been our guest for just over a week. In fact, on Friday (thatís 21 October for those who lose track of time, which has certainly been us over the last few weeks), we are whisking Marilyn off to London to deliver a lecture on the topic of her latest book, Twilight of the Immortal, at a society dedicated to decadent culture, The Last Tuesday Society. She returns to America on Sunday. Weíre sure youíll be hearing a lot more about Marilyn in the coming months (as if her seriously impressive resumť, as showcased in her SDk Contributor Directory profile, were not enough).

Now, we are not ones to rest on laurels, not even our own... so we can reveal right now that SDk03ís contributors are all but settled, and we have some big surprises to announce in this regard; rest assured, we will take great pleasure in announcing certain of SDk03ís contributors when the time is appropriate.

We go on, and we love it. We hope you do, too.