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Contributor relations reviewed and overhauledSDk Updates ->

Thurs 16 Feb, 2012.

We live at a time in which most publications’ insatiable need for content, especially in the age of web publishing, has jaded just about everyone, publishers and creatives alike: this is why we are consciously doing things differently with SomethingDark webMagazine.

Each issue is a carefully constructed work of art in its own right, the philosophy driving it being that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and in this we eschew what has apparently become the standard modus operandi in publishing. In other words, we have not created a content-churning machine that sucks in creative material and spits it out on (virtual) pages as fast as we can turn it over.

While we clearly cannot achieve anything without our contributors, we are very aware that we will achieve nothing that isn’t already “out there” in a rather predictable abundance without the right contributors, and in the right combinations. So we are very selective regarding who we have contributing to SDk, and we value our contributors and work with them.

We have, of course, found that our approach to publishing requires continual monitoring of our procedures, and, as part of this ongoing process, we’ve just finished a major review of how we work with those creative people who see their way clear to work with us. The result is a complete overhaul of our contributor relations procedure, which is reflected in the following:

We’re looking forward to taking SDk to the next level with our contributors.