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Wrestling with font management for SDk03 and beyondSDk Updates ->

Fri 25 May, 2012.

Development is a never-ending process, and that’s what’s been occupying Chris so much of late. More specifically, we’re dealing with the multitude of issues surrounding the way different operarting systems – namely Windows and the Mac OS – and, to a lesser extent, browsers, render fonts on-screen.

This is a specific problem for us because of the unique way SomethingDark webMagazine is constructed; to ultimately have an HTML-driven webmagazine resemble a “real” magazine (i.e. in traditional print), we have to wrestle with varying so-called “standards” implemented across the major operating systems and browsers.

We’ve always faced these issues with SDk, but with a greatly expanded and more complex SDk03 on the horizon, getting the magazine to render more precisely on different systems – which now includes tablet computers – has become a priority. In the process, of course, this requires revisiting the coding of SDk01 and SDk02 to implement the developments that have been made for SDk03.

And we’re still not touching Flash (and to find out why, please refer to our HTML vs. Flash document).