The day emos and punketos faced each other in Mexico City; what was the reason?

In the mid-2000s several urban tribes emerged, among them the emos, which was formed by teenagers who were characterized by dressing in black with tight pants, belts with studs, in addition to using black eyeliner on their eyes which were covered by a fringe. Besides them, there were also the punketos, an urban tribe that, like the emo, wore black clothes and boots, as well as Mohawk hairstyles. The rivalry between both groups led them to confront each other on one occasion in Mexico City.

It was the year 2008 where you could see in the streets teenagers who were part of the urban tribe called emo, in those years you could hear on the radio and on TV music channels bands like My Chemical Romance, Pxndx, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and many others that were in the taste of the emo.

On the other hand, the punketos, who were mostly made up of punks and darks, were also in their heyday.

Little by little, the emos attracted attention and more and more teenagers joined the urban tribe, but at the same time that they gained popularity, they were attacked on social networks where they received messages against them, this through platforms such as Hi5 or Metroflog, social networks that today can be compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Due to the attacks they were receiving against them, the emos decided to organize a meeting in one of the places that every weekend was visited by many of them, the Glorieta de Insurgentes, a place where emos spent their time listening to their favorite bands or practicing with their skateboards.

Through the Internet, a meeting was organized where emos were summoned to attend to make a call and ask for respect towards them. The day of the meeting arrived, at three o’clock in the afternoon, members of this urban tribe began to arrive at the Glorieta de Insurgentes. Although everything looked like it was going to be a peaceful demonstration, this did not turn out to be the case.

According to a report made by TV Azteca, a small group of young people belonging to the urban tribe of the punketos arrived at the place, although they were fewer than the emos, this did not prevent a confrontation between the two sides.


The punketos arrived at the Glorieta de Insurgentes to provoke the emos, who, tired of receiving violence against them, did not hesitate and began to attack the other young people throwing bottles and any object within their reach. Police officers arrived at the scene to try to calm things down, something they initially succeeded in doing.

As the minutes passed, the punketos were joined by metalheads and goths, who also attacked the emos with insults, so that once again and before the failed attempts of the police, the urban tribes clashed. On this occasion, the brawl between the urban tribes generated chaos in the Glorieta de Insurgentes.

Although the police also arrived at the site, who together with members of the police tried to stop the fight between the two urban tribes, nothing worked. At the Glorieta de Insurgentes, several young men in tube pants and bangs could be seen defending their ideology by throwing various objects and even kicking anyone who stood in front of them.

The confrontation was so big that some media even arrived to cover what was happening. The fight between emos and punketos seemed that it was not going to end, however, something managed to calm the blows and aggressions.

A group of krishnas, a group of people from a religious movement, entered the Glorieta de Insurgentes amidst praises and a call for peace. Before this, the confrontation ended, so little by little the youths entered the Insurgentes subway station.

Fortunately, another fight between emos and punketos did not happen again, but the confrontation caused surprise among Mexicans, and there were even some who laughed at the brawl.

Over the years, the emos disappeared, however, there are still many people who comment on social networks that although they no longer wear the characteristic clothing of the urban tribe, they still listen to the favorite bands of the emos and remember that time of their adolescence.

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